Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Adding a touch of class to my drinking

I will admit - after a long day torturing engineers I like coming home, kick off my heels and sit somewhere lovely with a long glass of scotch and coke (diet of course). So in my head I have been thinking and scheming of a way to make this simple little night time ritual something elegant and more special.

Here is where my story is going, walking through the markets on Sunday I spot the most amazing crystal decanter, its square so a little bit more modern and its perfect. Oh and did I mention the price $30!!!
So I am going to put my scotch in the decanter and it will be lovely. On my way home I stop into my grandmothers house to show her my amazing find. Only to be told she has 5 of these and I am welcome to them all. So I now have 6 different equally lovely decanters which will house not only my scotch but gin for G&T's on a Sunday, plus a whole bunch of other much used liqueurs.

What do you think, are they not pure heaven! (I only photographed 3 because the other 3 were already wrapped and ready to be boxed for a year)

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