Saturday, February 18, 2012

Up Up In The Air

I can confirm two things this morning ....

1) In the last week I have spent more time up in the air than I have on the ground. I had a whirlwind trip back to Perth not only for work but for my house. I managed to get one post in while back, but most of it was crazy busy catching up with builders, tilers and neighbours about fences.

2) I have just worked out in the last 6 months I have spent more time in Europe than I have in Australia.

Mind blowing things to think about and to be honest with all the heat at the moment I'm not overly upset but coming back for a week does make me miss my lovely little Lacey, my friends and family.

Now for those who are curious about how I am living I have a super cute little apartment in the centre of town.

I have a teeny tiny little kitchen, a bedroom and a lounge with a lovely bathroom.

I promise this week to give you some of the drama's I went through with the house ... but for now .... I was welcomed back to Scotland with a small flurry of snow!

1 comment:

Anette Ryan said...

Your apartment looks nice and cozy. I like the kitchen. How long are you going to stay in Scotland for?
Have a nice week!
Anette :-)