Sunday, February 5, 2012

St Andrews .... More than just golf

So when I think of St Andrews I instantly think of golf and to be honest when I was planning the drive I thought .... maybe a few hour stop on the way home to look around but never in my wildest dreams did I expect to love the little town. St Andrews is Scotland's equivelent to our Margaret River.... except it has a hell of alot more history.

Firstly its a fishing town and secondly it had a rather major abbey and castle situated here back in the day!

The ruins are really easy to look around and in the very centre of the castle ruins was a well. Hubby and I decided to throw in a coin and make a wish and I have to say, after having such a lovely time looking around I was thinking in my head as I threw in the coin .... "may we finish a lovely house and have lots of little babies running around it" Oh yes I was thinking babies and here is where it gets funny .... I threw my coin and then everything slowed down (picture slow motion camera) the coin bounced on the chain link well cover not once but twice before shuddering through the gap and then landing on a miniscule ledge and there it stopped. It never moved and I looked straight up at hubby and said ... "does that mean im not going to get my wish"

Apparently not, so all of those with itty bitty little baby booties and myself in their minds ... I'm sorry it doesn't look like that's possible based entirely on the rules of well wishes.

Oh  yes ... just in case you think that golf didn't get a mention in our visit ..... this picture says it all.

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