Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Let it Snow - Let it Snow - Let it Snow

Well I am off on holidays for the next 3 weeks so I have been frantically trying to train the temp how to use outlook and how to book a meeting - so much for complicated cost spreadsheets and formatting hundred page reports - I am stuck explaining what IT is and how to use an internal envelope to a woman who's resume said she was an experienced professional who had 20 years of project office experience.
The good news is Falls Creek has finally started snowing - and boy is it snowing - a lovely white blanket over the whole town making it look pretty and white and perfectly ski'able.

Anyways - enough holidays and more kitchens. I am unsure if I am going to get a chance to blog while away so I thought i would post my kitchen now and then when I get back my sample tiles should have arrived and I can focus on bathrooms.
But my kitchen - The benches are all this lovely Laminate by Polytech called Truffle Lini - Finegrain. Its textured and delicious and I cant wait for my lovely sample to arrive.

The top is Alpine White by Quantum Quartz - I was surprised at just how many colour choices the Quantum Quartz had and although I was firmly in the ceasarstone court I have since converted to Quantum Quartz.

Finally my splashback is a product called from 3-form made from at least 40% post industrial recycled material - it cant go behind my stove but I will be using stainless there for contrast. Oh and the particular design I picked is Thicket Raven.

So overall my kitchen is going to be predominantly dark but I think the stark white tops with waterfall edges should life it and make it warm and inviting.... I hope. I am hoping to have invisible handles - so the stainless steel groove at the top of the doors and draws but haven't discussed this yet with the builder.

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