Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Book Unpacking Begins

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It was three and a half years ago that I packed my books into boxes and haven't seen them since.

Its silly something so small can be such a big loss but wandering around my bookshelves, reading the titles and remembering the stories gave me such joy, I didn't realise until now when I unpack them what I have been missing.

Each book is a small bit of pleasure, a place, a history or a piece of someone's imagination that I get to keep, take out and re-imagine whenever I want.

The problem is books are not pretty, they are not all colour coordinated, they are books so while the book loves eyes light up whenever I see them I have to say, the designer in me wants to arrange them into colour coordinated groups which really is ridiculous.

So im going to let them sit, to settle and hopefully learn to live with the crazy differing sizes, shapes and font that make up my library.

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